Shopify Review 2021: Is It Worth It

I recently completed a fairly big Shopify project and decided to write a Shopify review to help business owners decide whether or not Shopify is a good e-commerce platform for them. This is not an affiliated post, it is my honest review based on my own experience.

My recent Shopify project started when my fabulous client, Nordic Yarn, contacted me. They have an online yarn store on Shopify and it required an updated look (all websites should be redesigned regularly) and a better navigation plan. They had initially created their site by themselves, but after a while, as it happens once a website grows, the site had become a bit complicated to use. And as they are busy running their business, they didn’t have time to look into updating their website. Answer: My Task Guru to rescue! With their kind permission, I am now sharing my Shopify review.

You Don’t Need To Be a Web Designer Or a Programmer

I am certainly not either, yet I was able to change their website’s theme and make their site user-friendly and pretty. I came up with a new navigation path reducing the main menu from 15 items to the current six. I rearranged the location of all the existing pages, and made some space for new ones. I also added filters and sorting options for all their products. Furthermore, I edited text, images and graphics, fixed formatting and style issues etc. All this tweaking was pretty easy to do. Time-consuming yes, but not too difficult.

Shopify Themes Are User-friendly and Stylish

I spent some time searching for a new theme that would best answer to the client’s needs. Nordic Yarn was initially using a free Shopify theme but they now wanted a more modern, user friendly theme so we opted for a paid theme. Shopify has quite a big selection of paid themes so there is something for everyone. I think in the end Nordic Yarn’s new site looks stylish and user friendly, navigation is easy on desktop, tablet and on mobile. Nordic Yarn has received good feedback from their customers too, which makes me happy and proud of my work. And it proves that they have great theme selection.

You May Have to Deal with Different Support Teams

This was the trickiest part of this project. Whenever there was an issue, I first had to figure out where to get the answer from. Even though Shopify can be contacted via chat and email, it was not always enough. Sometimes the issue was related to the theme (even if you buy the theme through Shopify, some themes are still classified ‘third party themes’ and have their OWN Support) and we had to contact the theme’s Support. But the majority of the issues were related to the apps so even contacting Shopify support or the theme’s support was not enough… You guessed it, apps too have their separate support teams. So if you have 10 apps on your Shopify site, all apps might have different support teams.

Apps for Everything

Whenever I wanted to properly customise the selected theme or get anything special on my client’s website, the answer was almost always ‘you need to have an app for that’. Shopify has its own app store and some of their apps are truly great and also free. And once everything is working well, it is great (although having a lot of apps will slow down your site, not good for usability and SEO…) But if there is a technical issue on the website, then it stops being so great. You first need to find out what app is causing the issue. You may have to be in contact with multiple support teams as mentioned above and this can take time. And nerves. I once spent 2.5 hours in a chat with Shopify’s Support yet the issue still wasn’t solved. Most of the times they were great though, and always friendly. But if you need an app for something, spend some time reading the reviews and investigating what is the very best app for the purpose.

Conclusion of My Shopify Review – Is It Worth It?

While I cannot speak from the Shopify site owner’s point of view, this is what I would say: Shopify is great for sites that do not need many special features or functions. For start-ups and businesses in the fairly early stages, it is a good option when their IT budget is still limited. Shopify’s online store has multiple payment options and the possibility for customers to log in. You can also generate discount codes and have a blog on your Shopify site. Staff accounts are another great option Shopify offers. Team members can have different levels of permissions and this ensures all sensitive data is protected.

One Piece of Advice: Back-Ups

If you decide to go for Shopify, let me offer you one piece of advice: every time you decide to add another app on your theme, before doing so, take a back up copy of your theme. This way, you can easily go back if the app is causing anything funny (or NOT funny) in your store.

I hope you found my Shopify review useful. Get in touch with My Task Guru for a free non-obligation chat regarding your online project.

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