Why Companies Should Be on Pinterest – Marketing for Business

Have you always thought Pinterest is only used by women for wedding planning and finding new recipes. Well, that’s not all there is to it. You might also think that your customer base is not on Pinterest, but if you check what your competitors are doing, you actually might find them on Pinterest. And if you don’t, by creating a Pinterest for Business account you will give your business an advantage.

In this post, I will tell you why you should consider adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy so hear me out. There are some very good reasons why you should be on Pinterest.

Reason #1: Pinterest Drives Organic Traffic

Even though Pinterest is not officially a search engine, it behaves very much like it. So shift your mindset from thinking it is just another social media channel to realising it is powerful traffic bringing machine, some people call it a visual search engine.

When a Pinterest user is searching for something, your content is shown to them via images. When they click on that image, they are being redirected to the page where your original content is located. This creates free, organic traffic on your site – great for SEO!

Reason #2: Pinterest Converts Browsers into Buyers

Pinterest is powerful in reducing the number of steps the customer takes from discovery to conversion. It makes it easier for customers to get straight to your product or service. Visitors from Pinterest convert into leads or sales faster than from any other social media site. Read that again – quite impressive, right?

Reason #3: It Helps Promoting Many Types of Content

You can use Pinterest to promote many types of content. Yes, linking your blog post or website article to Pinterest is a common practice, but there’s more to it. Other types of content you can link to your Pinterest account are podcast episodes, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or landing pages where you promote your offers. So if you thought Pinterest marketing for business is only for bloggers, there are so many other ways to use it. You can even repurpose your existing content and promote it on Pinterest, the possibilities are limitless.

Reason #4: It Can Make You Rank Well on Google

When you have a Pinterest for Business account and you build a proper Pinterest marketing strategy, this can help you land on the first page of Google’s search results – FOR FREE! Even though there are paid ads available on Pinterest, with a proper Pinterest marketing strategy in place, you can also get there without spending any money.

Reason #5: Brand Awareness

People do not use Pinterest for just checking the images on their feed, but after clicking on them and visiting your site they also pin and save the posts. This is great for business because it means your pins are more likely to be seen, and they even go viral. And should that happen, well that is terrific for your brand awareness!

If you think Pinterest might the something you should look into, I encourage you to create a Pinterest for Business account. That will give you the possibility to view the data you will need in order to run Pinterest marketing successfully. But that’s another story, so stay tuned for more. And if you need help with your online business, do not hesitate to get in touch with My Task Guru.

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