How To Have a Productive Day (6 Top Tips)

I wanted to share productivity tips that I follow in my daily life to maximise my productivity. These tips do not include obvious things like healthy eating, exercising and taking breaks (everyone knows these already, right?) but actual steps you can do to get work done. So get organised and have a productive day by following these tips:

1. Create a Routine if You Want to Have Productive Day

No matter what you are working on, create a routine. The purpose of a productive routine is not to overload yourself but to create a structure for your day to make you more disciplined. So block times for specific tasks, and stick with your schedule.

2. Prepare the Night Before

Always plan your day the night before. Update your To-Do list and write down all the tasks that are on your mind and need to be done on the next day. It clears your head and reduces the number of decisions you have to make in the morning and also saves that energy for your tasks.

3. Utilise Your Most Productive Hours

Use your peak productive hours of the day wisely. Take note of when you have the most energy and motivation, designate that time for your urgent tasks. For some, it might be immediately in the morning while some people are more productive in the afternoon or evening.

4. Complete The Most Important Tasks First

Save the less important & easy tasks for when you don’t have as much energy and start with the most important tasks. If the project is time-consuming, break it down into smaller chunks and work on it step by step.

5. Try Not to Multitask

Stop admiring people who seem always busy. You don’t want to be like them! Why? Because perhaps these people just have poor time management skills. And it is actually much better to focus on one task at a time. Multitasking makes you less effective, less productive, and it slows down your brain. And remember, being busy and productive are not the same thing. You can be busy all day and still get nothing done.

6. Ask Yourself: Am I Making the Best Possible Use of My Time?

There’s no point in taking on the role of a CEO, Online Marketing Manager, Administrative Assistant… all at once. No one can do it all – at least not in the long run. It is simply not viable and certainly not healthy. So if the answer is no, look into outsourcing some of your tasks.

I hope these tips help you to have a productive day. If you need help with project management or online marketing, contact My Task Guru for advise.